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Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5


There is no reason to provide any technical specifications, a quick internet search will do the trick.  My main purpose is to provide information about my experience using this camera and developing film.  I bought a crown graphic pacemaker on eBay from a trusted source who checked the integrity of the camera before offering it for sale.  As a result my initial exposures didn't yield unexpected results, like light leaks, etc.  My first destructive action was to dismantle the rangefinder system because the cam didn't seem to match the lens and I wanted to reduce the weight and bulk as much as possible anyway.  My Pacemaker had a side mounted rangefinder as opposed to the top mounted version seen above.  The top mounted are of better quality and can be used quite easily with different lenses.    The only unfortunate consequence of removing the rangefinder was that the shutter trigger located on the side near the bottom was also dismantled, which meant I'd have to use a standard shutter release cable attached to the shutter in the front of the camera.  For loading film I purchased four of the standard elite plastic holders on eBay from a person who guaranteed them to be in good condition and light tight; he wasn't exaggerating in his claims.  To load the holders I use a standard large changing bag, practicing with a sheet of exposed film a few times to minimize error.  I would recommend using cotton gloves to reduce the oil from the fingers on the film, the temperature gets quite high inside the changing bag in the summer.  So far in the winter this isn't a problem.   I made six initial exposures in order to test the function of the camera.  All exposures were successful except for one where I forgot to close the shutter before removing the dark slide, which gave me an overexposed negative.

Development of Film:  I purchased a Unicolor 8x10 paper drum (which has ridges inside) with a reversible rotation motorized base.  The rational behind this was economic.  As it turned out this system is most convenient if your only processing a couple sheets at a time.  There exists a spacers so you can developed up to 4 negatives at a time.  Mine didn't come with these spacers and all my efforts to improvise a spacer has resulted in ruined film.  So it's to at a time unless I buy another motor and drum.