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History of my Camera Stuff 

  I started my photo life with this, a Kodak Hawkeye R4, like this one below.  The photos were absolutely terrible and the color has all faded since 1970's.


Then I upgraded to the 110 instamatic which took better photos and the color hasn't faded that much.


  Years later I managed to obtain my first SLR, a Minolta 7000.  However I also used a  borrowed Nikon FG for the first photo class I ever took at Fredonia State University.  I thought the FG a simpletons camera at the time compared to the electronic, auto-focus, auto everything new breed cameras of the late 1980's.  I have since changed my opinion.

   I was seduced by technology...    The color work wasn't bad, but the B&W suffered and for years I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me.    Then it hit me one day.  Turn off the auto exposure!

  After the Minolta 7000 I picked-up a Nikon FG and a few older Nikkor lenses.  I was happy until the electronics failed after a couple months.   After the repair it worked great so I sold it and bought a...

Nikon F3 HP, again being seduced by the bells and whistles, but the integration of the electronics was not degrading to the manual functioning of the camera.  The F3 is

in my opinion is a worthy SLR for black and white photography, here are the specifications

I enjoyed the DW3 viewfinder which lets you look down like a TLR.  This allowed me to get great perspectives.

Again I was happy until I discovered rangefinders.  I found shooting with a RF to be a more pleasant experience.  I liked the space around the view frames which allows me to see the space around the intended composition.  There is no black out when the mirror goes up, I can see the exact moment the frame was recorded, this has been an unexpected pleasure I never experienced with the SLR.