Agfa Super Isolette

The Super Isolette dates from 1954-7 and is a 120 roll film folding camera which takes 12 pictures 6cm x 6cm in size. It features an unusual film loading mechanism which is fully automatic. All the user has to do is thread the film onto the take-up spool and close the camera back. The film knob is then wound until it stops at which point the first frame is properly lined up. This is possible because the camera can detect the start of the film proper on the backing paper.

Whilst the Super Isolette was a short lived camera - it was the inspiration behind the more common Russian Iskra camera from the early 1960s.  I don't recommend buying one of these or any folder from just anyone, I've been burned by comments like "...the bellows look in excellent shape..."  Most of the time the bellows look in great shape but leak anyway and need replacement.  I purchased all my folder equipment from the master of folding camera restoration Jurgen Kreckel.  For information about these and other folders, see the following link.

Lens Type 4 element (coated) Solinar
Focal Length 75mm
Maximum Aperture F3.5
Film Type 120 Roll Film
Picture Size 6x6cm
Shutter 9 speed Synchro Compur + B
Flash Sync X and M
Rangefinder Coupled
Filter size 32mm push on

I also enjoy the AGFA Billy's and the Zeiss  6x9 cm format  To these I attach my Voigtlander Rangefinder and apply one of my light meters. 




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