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Beutler and D23 Prep Page



Double X in D23

Agitation Pattern - Initial 60 seconds then 4 inversions in 10 seconds every 60 seconds.

Development Stats:  Two reel stainless steel tank, inversion and twist agitation.


1.  No Pre-soak (Phill F said to pre soak to get some lubercation off the film)

2.  D23 1:0. Borax/Sodium Sulfite Afetr Bath 5 minutes.

3.  Stop with water,  four dumps.

4.  Fix A 3 minutes; Fix B 3 minutes

5.  Gravity wash these days

6.  Hang and sprits both sides with DI water.


Densitometry - Measurements taken from center of negative using Macbeth TD-502.


Exposures - All exposures were taken using a flat painted grey surface. 



This is replenished D23


Notes about borax after bath:  D23 Prep Page


This Bath B formulation comes from Vestal's divided D-76.  I tried a variety of divided formulas with TriX to discover that there is little development in any of the second baths.  This may be a consequencs of modern film emultions.  I did discover that allowing the Bath A to develope fully and then adding the second bath does enhance highlights.












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