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I recently changed to a different dilution 1:41, or 12ml  HC110 to 488 ml water and increased the time to 9.5 minutes.   The densitometry of this configuration works well for grade 2 and 3 papers on a cold light.

Development Stats:  Two reel stainless steel tank, invert and twist agitation.


1.  No Pre-soaking

2.  Dilution mixed from concentrate.

3.  Initial agitation for 1 minute then 5 seconds every minute, (2 inversions per minute).

3.  Stop with water, four dumps about one minute

4.  Fix  TF-4 two bath method

5.  Wash rinse and soak method

6.  Distilled H2O sprayed on while film is hanging, (works great)

7.  Hang dry


Densitometry - Measurements taken from center of negative using Macbeth TD-502.


* Dilution H should be used for compensation.