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FX-15 1:1 and TriX @ ASA 320



Development Stats:  Two reel stainless steel tank, inversion and twist agitation.


1.  No Pre-soak


2.  FX-15 working solution from stock: 1:1


3.  Stop with water:  four dumps for about 1 minute.


4.  Fix A TF-4, 3 minutes, agitation first 30 sec then for 10 sec every subsequent 30 seconds. Fix B TF-4, 2 minutes same agitation.


5.  Wash 5, 10, 15, 20 second heavy agitation with rinsing between; gravity washer 20 minutes.


6.  Hang and sprits with DI water


Densitometry - Measurements taken from center of negative using Macbeth TD-502.


Exposures - All test exposures were taken using a flat painted grey surface during normal film shooting. 




3rd order polynomial to exaggerate the curve shape somewhat.





NOTE:  Zone I density continues to increase with both time and concentration.

Summicron DR and Summicron LTM with yellowed lanthium front element







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