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Partial Stand Development Stats:  Two reel stainless steel tank, inversion and twist agitation.

DiXactol Data

Working Solutions (A and B in 500ml steel tank)

  • Start with 490ml water 75.2F
  • 1.6ml of solution A
  • 11.7ml of solution B

Working Solution (Non-alkali Fix)

  • 100ml into 400ml water at 75.2F to make 500ml

Partial Stand Development (Single Bath)

  • Mix solution B into A and pour into tank ASAP.
  • Agitate for 60 seconds.
  • Let stand for 2 minutes, agitate 5sec, and repeat for remainder of development time.
  • Stop bath, water 4 dumps with 20 second agitations.
  • Fix by agitation for 10 seconds then 5 seconds every 30 seconds.  Save fix if more film is processed.
  • Wash submerged for 20 minutes/ rinse in DI.
  • Hang Dry.

  Test for fix time

    Clip undeveloped leader and place into working solution.

    Agitate until clip becomes clear.

    Double his time as a starting time for fix 1.  Fix 2 same as clear time.

     Working solution can last 4 weeks.  Clip test until the initial time has doubled then mix new working solution.